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Your Full Service Environmental Company Asbestos Removal and Hazardous Material Removal Serving Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire Rhode Island Phone: 800.331.7699 Email: info@abestabatement.com
Completed Thousands of Projects From $1000 to $2.3 million which have included the removal of these asbestos containing materials: Pipe Insulation Fireproofing Mastics Transite Duct Installation Ceiling and Wall Plaster Roofing Materials Floor Tile
Customer Success When PSNH was looking for a contractor to complete the hazardous waste removal and demolition of their old power plant the came to A-Best Abatement. The plant contained many hazards including asbestos, lead paint, PCB’s, waste oil, contaminated soil, and items containing mercury. PSNH also need the job done fast in order to meet their move in date. A-Best completed the job - removing over a 1000 yards of asbestos material, 1000’s of square feet of lead paint from interior brick walls, removed an old roof along with guano and old asbestos shingles. They also removed contaminated soil containing PCB’s and oil. When additional asbestos areas were uncovered the quickly mobilized additional resources to complete the job.
The Company We specialize in the removal of environmental hazards from properties. A-Best employs state of the art equipment and procedures that allow us to provide high quality work in less time than our competitors. This equates to savings of both time and money for our customers. A-Best employs some of the most experienced and best trained personnel in the industry. Each employee has been trained for asbestos procedures and safety at accredited schools and has completed work on hundreds of projects. Our employees are our greatest asset and give us the ability to complete all projects safely and on time.
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